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April 1, 2023
One Hit Quiz

Phot source: Pixabay

We write about One Hit Wonders elsewhere on this website, but now you have a chance to break the system, show your stuff, dance in the street with your brilliant musicological acumen. There’s only five short questions to this classic 70s trivia quiz. Let’s just see how well you do.

Released in the US in 1970, and charting into the top 40, this one the first Dutch hit song.
Billy Swan released this easy-going hit in 1974.
Don't be fooled by this band's name, Paper Lace, they had their mortuary-bound geographic hit reach #1 in 1974
He wasn't a rock band at all, but in 1977 Sylvester Stallone was happy to see his song reach number 1.
Carl Douglas only took 10 minutes to record this 70s hit record.
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